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2 September 2023


Conference on Social, Science, Technology, Language and Education Research

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CASTLE is a national-level seminar/conference event attended by expert speakers from various partner institutions in their respective fields. It is attended by participants and presenters who have prepared papers to be presented and discussed in accordance with the specified subfields.

Global competition has become a significant phenomenon in the modern era. In a rapidly changing world, countries and companies around the globe compete with each other to gain an advantage in the global market. This competition involves factors such as technology, economy, trade, politics, and culture.

From a broader perspective, countries around the world are striving to excel and achieve their respective developmental goals. In the case of Indonesia, the government has established a forward-looking vision, driven by the aspiration to become a prosperous and advanced nation by 2045. This vision reflects Indonesia’s commitment to progress and its determination to overcome the challenges posed by global competition in various domains, including science, technology, social sciences, language, and education.

In line with the journey towards Indonesia Gold 2045, CASTLE serves as a platform to encourage and inspire innovation and creative ideas in facing global competition. Through CASTLE, we provide a space for students, lecturers, researchers, and practitioners from all over Indonesia to share knowledge, engage in discussions, and present their work.

CASTLE will be held online on September 2, 2023. Our objective is to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration among participants from various disciplines. Join us in this exciting event as we strive to promote innovative ideas and advancements in social sciences, science, technology, language, and education. Together, let’s contribute to Indonesia’s growth and success on the global stage.


Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Rawamangun, Jakarta Timur

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2 September 2023








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20 July 2023

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31 July 2023

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8 August 2023


2 September 2023

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